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  • Cleans 6x Better Than Anything Else!

    We have scientific evidence as well as customer testimonials and independent tests to validate this claim. Check our emails that you will receive in the next coming days to find out more.

  • Cleans in 50% of the Time

    Save time cleaning, this have the possibility to save 50% of your time (or labour costs). Meaning you can do what you always wanted to do in the extra time!

  • Create a Healthier Environment

    Our customers, both business and domestic, have been reducing the toxins by up to 90% in their environments, resulting in a healthier lifestyle for them, their workers, their children and pets.

ENJO is Awesome! I’ve been an ENJO user for almost 6 years, and I am still using some of my first ENJO fibres. I will never go back to chemical cleaning again. In fact, I have joined the ENJO business and are helping others to create healthier homes for their family and children!

Annelise Myburgh
Annelise Myburgh

I’ve been using ENJO for almost 4 years! I especially love the floor cleaner, as my laminated floors was always a hassle to clean. With ENJO I am not only cleaning faster and better, my children are also healthier!

Mariette Frazer
Mariette Frazer