Ascot Park Hotel, New Zealand

This environmental step has resulted in the hotel being booked for three major ‘green’ conferences, and will have health benefits too. I am totally convinced the fibre cloths are the answer to the growing problem of people suffering from allergies. It has been applauded by hotel guests who support the growing commitment environmental awareness.

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Singapore

…we have been using the product since 2005 and it has really helped us to save on our chemical costs while at the same time improving on the standard of our hotel’s cleanliness score of 93% as ranked in our monthly guest survey card. Our hotel in Singapore is currently ranked no. 2 in our whole hotel chain. The savings on our cleaning expense line is about 50% since implementation of the ENJO method of cleaning. We are truly impressed with the simplicity of use and the ease of training of our Room Attendants when adopting this method of cleaning…

Eunice Nortje

ENJO cleans very well, and I do not have to use chemicals anymore. I have a large home with very coarse times and the ENJO fibres lasts 10x longer than normal spaghetti mops in my home.

Dorothea Gill

I cannot think about my life without ENJO! No other product is better than ENJO! I never buy chemicals anymore!