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How Eco-friendly is your car wash?

Saving water is only one aspect of having an Eco Friendly Car Wash. Any eco-friendly car wash solution, to qualify as eco-friendly, should comply with the following requirements:

  • #1 Friendly towards your pocket (at least in the long term)

  • Eco-friendly Value Chain from manufacturing process, use up-to discarding of used product

  • Effective, equal or better than conventual methods

How does ENJO compare to other methods of washing cars from a cost point of view?

The following table compares ENJO with other methods of washing cars. Existing implementations of ENJO at car washes indicates that ENJO is feasible from a cost point of view in comparison to other methods.

Even though the table indicates that ENJO uses more water than existing waterless solutions in the market, the ENJO solution does not pollute the water at all.

Eco-friendly Value Chain from manufacturing, use up-to discarding of used product

ENJO is manufactured using hydro-electricity which is a renewable source of energy. The ENJO product uses no chemicals during its use, and water is therefore not polluted. This means that should you employ a water recycling system in your wash bay, that ENJO is fully compatible and friendly to that system.

The ENJO product has a very low discard rate. The used ENJO products can be returned to ENJO, which will then be re-used in manufacturing. This ensures that ENJO has zero-landfill consequences, making ENJO the most eco-friendly solution, having the best possible eco-friendly value chain.

Effective equal or better than conventional methods

Get your ENJO Consultant to demonstrate or pilot ENJO in your wash-bay to experience the ease of use and simplicity of working with ENJO. Many solutions out there complicates the washing process, and often requires new habits to be learned, and can also negatively affect labour productivity. This increases the labour cost even further.

ENJO has the ability to clean about 6x better than conventional or waterless solutions, but also has the ability to improve labour productivity with about 25% within car wash bays.

Summary of Benefits

Using ENJO will not only save you money, but will also improve productivity by saving time, and is also more eco-friendly than most other solutions currently in the market.

However, if water use to you is more important than saving money then you might want to look into a hybrid solution, together with ENJO and a water recycling system. With such a system you will end up with only 0.1 to 0.2 liters per car instead of 1 liter per car with a waterless system. That is about 5 to 10 cars per liter. Because ENJO uses about 48% less water, you can double the capacity that your water recycling system is designed for. For example, if your water recycling system is designed for 100 vehicles, then you can wash 196 vehicles with ENJO.

The earlier you start using ENJO, the quicker you can start showing benefits to you, and the environment. Contact your ENJO Consultant today to arrange for a no-obligation proposal.

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10 Ways to Avoid Hairline Scratches and Swirls when Car Cleaning

When we clean our cars or get it cleaned professionally many people do not know why their car end up with hairline scratches and swirls. Those swirls almost looks like someone washed the car with steel wool. But that is not the case.

One way to improve the appearance of your car after having such fine scratches are to use high quality car polish. However, after a while they will appear again. That is because the car polish do not really remove them. Also remember that car polish removes a layer of paint from your car. A new car also have a very thin layer of UV protection, which poor quality and cheap polish will remove!

Here are some pointers to avoid hairline scratches and swirls when cleaning your car:

  1. Ditch the spunge! Yes ditch it! It is the number one cause for swirls and hairline scratches. Fine dust and dirt that may have been left over after rinsing your vehicle, or may be even part of the water you used gets trapped between the spunge and the paintwork. This dirt or dust particles acts as sandpaper, and you know what sandpaper will do, don’t you!

  2. Regularly rinse the cloth you use to wash your car. Yes that means that you need to have a second bucket with clean water. You have to rinse your mitt regularly. Do a panel at a time and rinse before continuing! If you already have ENJO Outdoor Glove, then you are lucky, because you need one bucket of clean water to rinse the glove after washing each panel!

  3. If you can invest in a grit guard for your bucket, then that will help for the grit particles not to mix with water during each rinse of your cloth or ENJO Outdoor Glove.

  4. Do not use household detergents, such as dishwashing liquid. It will strip the protective layer on your paintwork, and expose your vehicle to the elements. This is why paint turn dull over time! Since ENJO only uses water, it will make this layer last much longer!

  5. Always wash from top to bottom to ensure grit and dirt is washed down off from your paintwork.

  6. If you go to a professional car wash, avoid those that are automatic, as those brushes can scatch your paintwork. Ensure that the manual car was uses the correct detergent for your vehicle, and not something that will remove your protective layer!

  7. Use a seperate mitt or cloth for your mag wheels, and if you have the ENJO Flexi, you can use the that to enter the hard to reach and small areas inside the mags. Even though ENJO do not transfer grit or dirt, it is also safe to use the ENJO Outdoor Glove on the mags, but only after the entire vehicle is washed.

  8. Do not use household brushes, scourers, or pads to remove stubborn marks on paintwork. Use appropriate solutions such as the ENJO Outdoor Glove and a little patience. If you do not have ENJO you can find chemical solutions to help you with the job, but continued use of such chemicals are not the best for your car.

  9. To remove bird much, hold the wet ENJO Outdoor Glove on the bird much for a short while so that the water can seep into it and soften it. Then gently wipe with the Glove until it is removed, rinsing the Glove as required.

  10. Use the Outdoor ENJOfil to dry your car. It is soft and specially woven with a zig zag pattern to assist in trapping any further dirt particles left over from the washing process. Do not press hard when drying, but do so gently. One ENJOfil should be sufficient to dry one vehicle without leaving streaks or fluff. Using a chamois simply do not possess this feature to trap dirt or grit particles like the ENJOfil does, thus you will risk causing scratches and swirls when using a chamois!

Even though there are many other tips that are also important, these are the top 10 car washing tips that will ensure that your car will be properly taken care of!

If your paintwork already have these scratches, unfortunately there is not much you can do, other than avoiding further damage, and using polish. Polish do not remove them, it basically covers it up.

We hope you have found these tips useful, and should you require further information on using ENJO to take care of your car, feel free to contact us for any questions you may have!