The ENJO success story began in Spring 1985 when Friedrich Engl, a pragmatic, inventive person, who was constantly creating new business ideas, witnessed a large oil spill on the waters of Lake Constance, whose shoreline forms the borders of Austria, Switzerland and Germany. AS he watched the local fire brigade’s arduous endeavours to remove the envornmentally damaging oil slick he came to the conclusion that there must be a better way of tackling such messy accidents, not only in a sensitive “tourist” locations but in many other situations, for example: in the factory, office and in the home.

Having had many years of practical experience in the textile industry, Friedrich began to develop a solution that would solve the problem without having to rely upon additional input such as corrosive chemicals or damaging detergents. After five years of extensive product refinement and market testing, his vision had evolved into a technologically advanced matrix of woven fabric. At first sight, what appears to be a simple “cloth” is in fact an ultra effective and efficient, environmentally-friendly, cleaning tool.

At that time, the founder of ENJO, Friedich’s son, Johannes Engl, was working as a chef, but his father’s infectious enthusiasm encouraged Johannes, to dramatically change careers. He began to demonstrate this new product to people he knows in the catering industry.

That very first afternoon, he had sold 7 “cleaning gloves” and was indeed very proud of his “sales” achievement. To his genuine surprise his customers were extremely enthusiastic about the gloves’ performance – reporting significant savings in both the time taken to clean up messy spills and the reduction in the cost of their cleaning materials.

Encouraged by this early success and his girlfriend’s 100% support (she later became his wife), they experienced rapid growth. Soon, they were supplying a network of customers from their personal contacts in the manufacturing and hospitality industries.

As the humble ‘cloth’ started to attract a much broader audience, both his mother and wife found themselves sewing for hours, producing cleaning gloves made out of his father’s extraordinary material.

By 1990, many different marketing techniques had been tested throughout the whole of Austria. What became immediately apparent was that the truly remarkable cleaning capability of our ‘cloth’ had to be personally demonstrated to be believed and loved.

Initially Johannes had grave reservations about the prospect of direct marketing which in the eyes of most domestic consumers federated all the wrong perceptions re expensive poor quality products from ‘here today – gone tomorrow’ suppliers.

Nonetheless, he was absolutely convinced and determined that the ‘personal demonstration’ was the right route for our products, so he started to develop an ‘ENJO’ way of doing it right – with honesty and integrity!

It is now 31 years later, and ENJO South Africa aim to build forth on the foundation of ‘honesty and integrity’ played down by Johannes, and well established by each and every ENJO distributor in over 20 countries!

ENJO South Africa intent to create lucrative business opportunities for savvy women and men, who wish for a flexible work environment, where they are in control of their own earnings and performances.

This short video will present to you briefly the manufacturing of ENJO products.