Our ENJOpreneurs are often confronted by this question from prospective customers. The short answer to this question is: “Of course it works, otherwise we would not have been in business for over 26 years in more than 25 countries!”

ENJO needs to be used correctly

That means you must not use it with any chemicals or soap while cleaning. This is the number one mistake that new ENJO users make. They think ENJO will clean better with soap and chemicals. But it does not! ENJO was designed to work only with water, and will clean better with only water than with the addition of chemicals or soap.


Remember, chemicals will damage your ENJO fibres and shortens its lifespan. If you feel your ENJO does not work as advertised, please contact your ENJOpreneur for assistance.

What is better than happy customer reviews?

ENJO has a lot of customer reviews out there already. They are also captured on video! It has proven that all customers who are happy with ENJO had used it correctly. Here are one of our happy customers:

I have been using ENJO for over 3 years. It has certainly changed the way I clean my house, also the way I feel about cleaning and saving the environment and my family from harsh cleaning products. I did not realize how I was exposing my small children to all these chemicals on a daily basis – Jiff in the bath, bleach, toilet cleaner, spray & wipe on the bench where I prepared their food. It feels great to be able to walk down the cleaning isle at the supermarket and not buy anything. What a saving! It feels even better to clean with only water and fibres and know for a FACT that this is a better & more hygienic way of cleaning. I could go on forever about what a fantastic product this is, but you really need to try it for yourselves. It takes a little while to get your head around this way of cleaning, but what have you got to lose? Only a home full of chemicals! It really does work! – Kirsten Matthews

What about the independent research conducted on ENJO by two Universities?

Thats right, ENJO was tested and compared to conventional cleaning methods:

The University of Canterbury in New Zealand have done a scientific study and found that ENJO cleans at least as good as chemical cleaners if not better, and that it will work out cheaper in the long run than chemical or soap based cleaning.

Murdoch University on Australia have done a similar scientific study and found that ENJO cleans 6x better than other cleaning methods.


Using ENJO correctly had been scientifically proven that ENJO cleans faster and better than conventional cleaning products. ENJO is suitable for most areas in the home or office, including the hospitality industry. Based on ENJO customer reviews and scientific research, we are confident that the ENJO fibres are superior to its imitators.